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The Adjutant Stork kit/preprint
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The Herd preprints kit/preprint

"Stitchery Village" Miniature House Patterns Available Now!
We now have hand stamped linen patterns available, which, combined with their walls made out of heavy laser cut card, provide more than enough structural rigidity.
Contact us or Cottage Garden Threads to order yours now!

purses elephants_edited_edited.jpg
Small Cloth House Stitching houses hares nest

- Pictured: Are some examples of five houses looking for a home, this picture gives you an idea of the size that can be expected for the finished product.

Small Cloth House Stitching

 "Alice in Wonderland" quilt, available in store at the Elephant Patch or online through Cottage Garden Threads.

Alice in wonderland quilt hare's nest
alice in wonderland quilt hare's nest
Custom Instagram Logo by Finn Richards

NEW Instagram up and running, Follow it for more Updates...

We've recently created a new instagram account which (under the name "haresnest")

It will be updated regularly and full of information, tips and tricks, it can be found at

Feel free to stop past and drop a follow, we would greatly appreciate it.

Sewing loop with flowers

- Pictured above is an example of some patterns that could be added to your purse.

- These are samples made by using the card template that is included in the pattern.

The Rambling Stitcher Purse

Here at the Hare's Nest Stitchery are more than proud to present you with our newest line of purses, they come under the name: "The Rambling Stitcher Purse".

- Each pack includes a pre-made linen purse base with a zip inserted.

These are packs of vintage scraps, including pieces of linen, Liberty of London Lawn, thread (Coton A Broder), small pre-prints and laser cut stencils.

- *No two packs are the same*   So your purse will be entirely unique to you and will be as you want it.

Rambling Stitcher Purse
Rambling Stitcher Purse

- Pictured: is an example of the purse that Jo has put together, using the included materials.

- Pictured: We have the rear of the purse, it has an variation of chain stitch and whipped stitches on it, we are currently in the process of creating a series of tutorials on YouTube for such stitches.