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               "Stitch Your own Adventure"

Below is a little pic of one of the pages from the textile book that is "Stitch your own adventure"


The First Five Little Stitchery Stencils
Use these easily anywhere on quilts, Stitcheries...Inside Hexagons or Squares etc....The little packs come with some instructions, a little bit of thread and some gauze..
A row of snails looks great do Heffalumps...we are working on another five at the moment!!
Contact our Distributor ...
Cottage Garden Threads to purchase or to order for your store

IMG_3835 (2).JPG

"Home to Roost" Stitchery panel is here!

Pre/print on Birch coloured Hanky Linen
17 preprints to cut apart and stitch
So many uses!...Bags, panels,Needlebooks etc etc

Stitches from the Bush (closish to Goondiwindi),
(Perri has some on order)as does Gail ...
Gail's Patchwork Emporium Ballarat...03 53359066

Cottage Garden Threads our distributor has stock !!

The Thread Studio  Perth

Kim at Millymacsupplies NZ

Poppy Patch in UK

Home to rost Frontispiece.jpg

Not just sitting around...another
pre print panel in the works
This is from the project we did last year with the wonderful Kim at MillyMac Supplies in NewZealand
"Home To Roost
Panel of stitcheries that Kim made into a quilt..
Gail's Patchwork Emporium in Ballarat  is helping with this  as quilts are not our area of put it mildly...
(I cant add up or use scissors satisfactorily !!! and Jo is very patient)
The 'Home to Roost "will be explained in the next post ...


IMG_E3887 (2)_edited.jpg

The Hare Collection
The Pre print panel is available..
The notes are written and the first run printed!!
They will be available on order from
Cottage Garden Threads

email Cottage Garden Threads
Wholesale and Retail  orders can be made thru Cottage Garden

Gail's Patchwork Emporium Ballarat

10am - 5pm, Monday to Saturday
Closed Sunday

Phone:+61 3 5335 9066
Address:131 Yarrowee St, Sebastopol, Ballarat VIC 3356

Stitches from The Bush
Perri Dixon

Poppy Patch in the UK.....

3 Manor Farm Court
Church Lane
Great Doddington
NN29 7TR
01933 227973

New Zealand
Kim at MillyMac Supplies
Kim can help with our kits  for New Zealanders
(our friends across the Ditch !)

Hare Collection.png

The Chase ...pre/print ort
Kit includes Instructions and Pre print

Bitmap in All Aboard ort.cdr.jpg

All Aboard.pre/print ort..for a little  train set perhaps
Kit includes Instructions and Pre print


The Herd Purses/preprints kit/preprints

The two sizes are in the pack...both preprints ready to embroider

Cute and simple!

purses elephants_edited_edited.jpg

The Rambling Stitcher Pre /zipped purse

Jo makes these up and they come as a linen base with the zip inserted and instructions on how to make up as a sweet slow stitched purse

Bitmap in Untitled-1.jpg
Bitmap in A company of Hares.cdr.jpg

The Company of Hares

Cute pattern for little Hares to stitch from any of your scrap fabrics, flannels linens etc...instructions on how to Glove stitch etc...

"Stitchery Village" Miniature House Patterns Available Now!
We now have hand stamped linen patterns available, which, combined with their walls made out of heavy laser cut card, provide more than enough structural rigidity.
Contact us or Cottage Garden Threads to order yours now!

Small Cloth House Stitching houses hares nest

- Pictured: Are some examples of five houses looking for a home, this picture gives you an idea of the size that can be expected for the finished product.

Small Cloth House Stitching
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