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Needleweaving ...the basics

This is a guide on how to start a Needleweaving technique for use in our Rambling Stitcher Pre/ made purse

Needleweaving is an age old is a simplified version that you could add to your purse.....treat the purse as a sampler for learning the basics of this..a heavy thread is probably best ..Perle 8 and or a six strand of stranded cotton.

Work a fan shape of straight stitches...abou2.5 cm all at centre of fan...I spread the stitches out at the base so you can see them but they look best very close together

finish off the fan firmly at the back.

Secure another colour thread at the base and weave ...not entering the fabric...

experiment with under and over as here , or under two and over two, or back over two and forward under two as in the purse sample...add knots etc to finish ...and a few random French knots to cover any loose bits!!

Have fun.

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