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The rambling Stitch Scrap pack

This little pack of bits and pieces including some of our little pre/prints ( no two packs are the same!)

This is a close up of the stencil with some details of flowers etc ..

I find stencils very useful...they can be used to enliven a piece...just a few additions often makes a huge difference...If you use a pencil you can easily remove anything you don't like but I usually use a Fine line Uni /pin pen in 0.5 as below...

The main thing to get used to in using Stencils is to establish a base line or define an area first perhaps use an erasable marker ..then you can lift the stencil and relocate easily

Another stencil type is the 'Journey to Nowhere Much" kit...this is a kit with fabric for a textile book and the folding technique included plus a couple of stencils ... Maps and a stencil with a lighthouse...trees...etc ...great fun to stitch ...

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